The English Language Teaching and Support Unit at the University of Winchester covers a wide variety of activity.

We currently offer and provide the following:

  • 25 (starting Jan 2018), 12 & 6 week pre-sessional courses for students who want to improve their academic English before starting a course of study at the University of Winchester or another Higher Education institution. Pre-sessional courses run in the spring and summer and while highly intensive and demanding they are tailored to individual students and levels of study.
  • A Foundation year programme for students who want to improve their English and study other subjects through English raising the level and/or complimenting previous studies and qualifications. (Taught at level 3)
  • The CEIS programme is very similar to our Foundation programme mixing English study with study in English (but of other subjects). It’s ideal for students who want to experience a Higher Education environment in the UK, without committing to a full programme, or even year, many students follow CEIS as a component of or compliment to their studies in their home countries. (Taught at level 2)
  • Seasonal Schools are short programmes (typically booked by groups) for students to gain experience of HE study in Britain. While many run in the summer a seasonal school can take place at any time of year. Usually lasting 4 weeks the programme mixes trips and cultural excursions with on campus classroom activities. As with other programmes we focus on the individuals and tailor activities to meet their needs & preferences.
  • In-session support, is offered to all students who are enrolled at the University of Winchester. Each student will plan their own support activities and needs with their tutor. As well as individual tutoring, there are workshops, drop-in surgeries, writing support groups that students may get involved in.

All our programmes and activities place an emphasis on excellent pastoral care whether the students are living in residences, their own accommodation or one of our home-stay opportunities. Additionally, individual focus, attention to detail and personal tutoring are core components found across our activities.


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