All aboard for Hogwarts!

In J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series The Hogwarts Express – the fictional special train that takes apprentice wizards to school was said to leave from Kings Cross a real train station in London but from the special platform 9 3/4 (inaccessible to “muggles” – nonwizards).

Photo: J Beddington

Photo: J Beddington

Yesterday, The English Excursion Experience (part of the CEIS) visited platform 9 ¾ to head off to Hogwarts. No teacher likes to see their students go. However, if they are going off to become wizards…and having so much fun doing it.

Photo: J Beddington

Photo: J Beddington


We were lucky yesterday as we only had to wait about 10 minutes; (apparently, sometimes it can be much longer: even 45 minutes or more).

Photo: J Beddington

Photo: J Beddington

The room right next to the platform is called the Elphick room (pronounced ELF-ick) so we all know where Dobby would wait for the train. Look back at the first picture (near the top right corner).

After checking out the modern St Pancreas International we walked round to the Euston Rd side to admire the Victorian façade; (which wouldn’t be out of place in a Harry Potter film).

Photo J Beddington

Photo J Beddington

Later on we visited the British Museum and then the shopping districts of Oxford and Carnaby Streets but as you can see that’s a separate post.


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