Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Happy New Year!

No don’t worry we haven’t got lost, or kidnapped by Time Lords.

It’s Chinese New Year on the 19th. This year will be year of the sheep (or goat depending on translation). The Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar meaning that the date of the new year moves from year to year and in this case starts for the beginning of spring.


And the festival is also known as the Spring Festival (Some argue this is a more accurate translation of the name). So it’s perhaps appropriate that I found these in my garden this week. Snowdrops are a sign of spring in the UK.

Photo: James Beddington

Photo: James Beddington

The year of the sheep is a good one for the arts. Additionally, the character of the sheep affects the whole year; the sheep is a beneficent watchful presence but not one prone to interfering. This means it’s a time of healing and reconnecting with the basics.

What would you like to see in this regard with relation to English for Academic Purposes? More about ELTSU programmes? More about Events/Occasions of interest? More about Winchester? More about English more generally? More about Academic Writing? More language & lexis?

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