Sports Day

The other week, yes I know slow reporting.

25 CEIS & Foundation students recently took a sports day indoors. We were late for the national holiday in Japan and late in the year for the UK, (most schools seem to hold them towards the end of the last term in the academic year or near the beginning of the first one. Probably something to do with the weather being more like summer.

The university sports hall however enables quite a variety to be practiced indoors. BadmintonBadminton


Pingpongand ping-pong or table tennis to name a few, I wonder if these guys will be here soon.

Sport is a great way of communicating across cultures England, somewhat controversially employed a non-English speaker as the coach of the national team and many professional sports people use several languages in their day-to-day life. Capello claimed he could coach in English with only 100 words. I wonder how his Russian is coming along.

Sport clubs can help you meet people, as well as giving you a relaxing and fun way to practise the language you are living in.  Team or group sports that are played recreationally are probably best, (offering the most opportunities for communication without too much worry about wining) but all sports will offer some.